DATE: Friday 24th– Sunday 26th March 2017

VENUE: Tate Exchange

Daytrippers were thrilled to support our friends at Touretteshero with their takeover of the Tate Exchange for Adventures in Biscuit Land – a three day interactive event for disabled and non-disabled children.

Previous Touretteshero shows have been described by The Stage website as ‘a celebration of neurodiversity and the poetic energy of Tourette’s’ and by The Guardian as ‘extraordinarily entertaining…an adventure in every way’. We were hugely excited to see what Jess Thom and Matthew Pountney would do with their takeover of the Tate Exchange, located in the new Switch House building just behind the iconic Tate Modern art gallery.

Children and young people with and without disabilities were invited to unleash their imagination and immerse themselves in the surreal, inclusive world of Biscuit Land…

A parent and carer shared this about the event:

My kids loved Saturday. J was quite mesmerised… It was fun, creative, whacky and yet a completely logical approach and I loved it.

The event took inspiration from Touretteshero’s multi-award winning theatre show Backstage in Biscuit Land, with the whole 5th floor of the Tate Switch House being divided into seven different stations. The huge space was transformed into a wonderland of colour and discovery, featuring a game show called “Fingers on the Buzzard”, a boutique biscuit stall, an indoor garden complete with a pond, and a 10ft Jammy Dodger which doubled up as a stage. These key areas became the set during a specially devised promenade performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land each afternoon.

Over 1000 people visited “Biscuit Land” during the takeover, including 415 children and young people, 200 of which had a disability.

A supported volunteer had this to say:

It’s been really low for me lately, feeling like I can’t accomplish much because of my tics, but being here today honestly made me feel so accepted. I cannot describe what today has done for me.

And a child with Tourette’s syndrome called for a second adventure:  

I hope you do a part 2 to this!

Photo by Sam Robinson.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the work of Jess Thom and Matthew Pountney, Daytrippers is proud to provide funding to enable Touretteshero to continue bringing its message of inclusivity to a large and growing audience. More information about Daytrippers’ longstanding relationship with Touretteshero can be found here.







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