Group: Let Us Play

Trip Destination: Birmingham Sealife Centre

Date: February 2017

The first completed day trip of 2017 was by Let Us Play, a Wolverhampton based charity which provides sports, arts, play, and outings for disabled children aged 5-19. For their second Daytrippers adventure they took 27 children and young people by train to the Birmingham Sealife Centre.


Though the day presented some challenges, such as overcrowding at the aquarium, the Let Us Play staff were able to adapt to make the most of the outing. They said that the opportunities for the children and young people to engage and be included were “excellent.”

Kim Hatton from Let Us Play said: “[The children] were all mesmerised by the tunnel where all the sea life swims around you. There was a very fat shark who was just sitting at the top of the tunnel, he was just lying there. The kids thought he was great.” 

 Daytrippers were very happy to cover the costs of train travel to Birmingham from Wolverhampton, entrance fees to the aquarium, and rental of a room in a nearby library which they used for a lunch space.

We look forward to working with Let Us Play again and to hearing about how all the other trips go this year!


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