That’s right – our last event with ZSL London Zoo was our 100th!

This year’s Special Children’s Day at the zoo also fell on the week which saw Daytrippers turn 14 years old.

To mark this double occasion, we decided to do something a bit special. One lucky family who were attending our backstage sensory tours were chosen in a random raffle to enjoy a private giraffe feeding experience with the zoo keepers! You can read more about this and the event here.

Daytrippers was founded in 2003 with the goal of ensuring children and young people living with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy themselves, improve their confidence and break boundaries through social, recreational and educational activities. Through staging these 100 bespoke events and funding 547 day trips through our grants programme, we have provided over 33,000 individual experiences (33,768 to be exact!) for children and young people and their families throughout the UK.

Huge thanks and gratitude is due to our generous donors, partners, volunteers, and staff past and present, without whom the work we do would not be possible. From everyone here at Daytrippers THANK YOU.

Now we need to get thinking about the next 100 events…

You can read more about our day trip grants program here.

You can read more about our upcoming events here.




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