We are ecstatic to announce that Daytrippers has now provided over 35,000 individual experiences to children and young people with disabilities and life-limiting conditions in the UK! This is a huge milestone in our history and we are so proud of all our staff and volunteers past and present who have helped us pull it off.

The work of Daytrippers began in 2003. Our founder wanted to create an efficient and effective charity, and believed that every child should have the same opportunities as he did, regardless of background or ability. 

We continue to work towards this goal in two ways:

Our events are predominantly London based and have taken place in London Zoo, Tate Britain, Hindleap Warren, Challenge 4 Change, and the David Beckham Football Academy, to name just a few locations. They are always fun, creative, inclusive and safe, and can be anything from immersive theatre performances to experiential learning to inclusive sports days. One of the best parts of our job is working with other brilliant organisations to develop interesting, unique and unforgettable events, and then getting to meet the inspiring young people and families who benefit from them the most.

“Thank you for such a brilliant gift that I will never forget. I can’t stop smiling!”

Our day trip grants programme provides funding to organisations so that they can support children and young people on their own fun and inclusive days out or in-house events. The programme only works with the help of a number of hugely dedicated and hard working people. We are eternally grateful to all the staff and volunteers at the charities, hospices, special schools, support groups and to the parents who have formed family networks. This creative and industrious bunch deliver the day trips and help create the opportunities and lasting positive memories that our charity set out to make.

“We could never dream of affording a day like this – Thank you! Just seeing my family stress free and happy makes such a difference.”

You can read more about why we do what we do here.





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