Ollie Hynd is a British swimmer. He competes in the Paralympics as a class 8 swimmer, having Neuromuscular Myopathy and associated limb deformities. We first connected with Ollie through the power of social media, and love hearing of all his recent accomplishments.
Kurt Yaeger is a talented American actor, model, director and professional athlete, who is also a below-the-knee amputee. Daytrippers first met him when he was on his first UK tour and we proudly are supported by him ever since.
Brandon Mendenhall is the founding member of the band The Mendenhall Experiment. He was born two months premature with complications during the birth, so a life with Cerebral Palsy is all he has ever known.

Read more about our Celebrity Ambassadors below:


London Paralympic Games - Ollie HyndWe are proud to announce the British gold medal winner and Paralympic swimmer, Ollie Hynd MBE as another Daytrippers Celebrity Ambassador!  Ollie won GOLD in the 200m individual medley at the London Paralympics in 2012.  He continues to dedicate his time and talents to excelling in swimming and was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2013.  We are absolutely thrilled to have him on board with Daytrippers.

Ollie sent us a quote and graciously answered a few questions:

“I am truly honoured to have been made Celebrity Ambassador for this fantastic charity Daytrippers, who are doing some truly magnificent work  providing some special moments in the lives of children with disabilities and of limiting or terminal illnesses. I look forward to sharing some of these special moments with them over the coming year.

DT:  What’s a day-in-the-life of Ollie like?


OH:  A typical day for me would start at about 5:15 am and I would head to the pool for training which starts in the water at 6:00 am until about 8:00 am.  Two days per week I would do 1 hour gym work following the pool session and also maybe a sports massage or physio.  I would then head home to rest, refuel and recover!  My evening pool session usually starts at 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm and then after this it is again time to refuel, relax and off to bed ready to start for the next early morning.  I do 8 pool sessions per week over 6 days, covering almost 50,000 meters in the pool, and 2 land sessions in the gym.

DT:  WOW!  That’s an inspiring amount of dedication and physical stamina.  What are you up to during the weekends?

OH:  As my weekly training schedule is very intense, at a weekend I really enjoy going for a relaxing meal and spending time with my girlfriend and family.

DT:  That sounds lovely.  What are some of the exciting things you have done this past year?

OH:  I have been fortunate to be invited to several events which have been fantastic including; Wimbledon in the Royal Box, the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and BBC Sports Personality of the Year.  Last May, Buckingham Palace was a very special visit for me as I attended to receive my MBE, so this is a day I will never forget!

DT:  Well that is quite an honour and certainly well deserved.  Do you happen to have a role model?

OH:  My role model has to be Michael Phelps as he has taken the sport of swimming to another level!

DT:  Fantastic!  Thanks so much for answering these questions, Ollie.  We are so happy to have you on board to support us this year.

OH:  Daytrippers look to have some really exciting events coming up in 2014 and will be great to get involved.

DT:  We hope to see you soon!


Kurt Yaegar


Daytrippers is delighted to announce one of our first ever Celebrity Ambassadors; KURT YAEGAR.  Kurt is a professional BMX rider and actor based in Los Angeles.  Check him out in the Rudimental video “Waiting All Night” or acting in “Son’s of Anarchy” along with many other media projects in the works.  Daytrippers met Kurt in 2013 whilst on his UK tour.  His crew even collected donations for us while riding various BMX tracks.  Not only is he a perfect role model for Daytrippers kids, but he is kind hearted and full of talent.  He even featured us in his UK tour episodes.  Kurt is a great inspiration and his love for life and passion for BMX shines though.  Here’s a few words from the man himself; “never give up!”

“Sometimes when life seems like it’s at its lowest point, the darkest point, you can’t see a way out but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out. There is always a way out, you just can’t see it yet. You have to be patient, you have to work hard to battle against the problems you face and only when you work hard will solutions present themselves.

Several years ago I was in an accident that took my left leg, broke my pelvis in half, internal organs were damaged, my back was broken, and a lot of other injuries were sustained. I almost died. I was in the hospital, in bed the entire time, for four months and struggled to recover for another nine. I was afraid, I felt alone, and I thought there was no way out. However, I didn’t give up.

I worked on my body by eating health food and working out. I focused my mind on activities to gain mental strength. I was patient while I waited for my body to heal. I never gave up on what I could be, or what I could become. I wanted to go after my dreams and I decided to go for it.

Now, after the long recovery, I’m a working actor. I’ve been in hit TV shows, blockbuster movies, and massively popular music videos like the “Waiting All Night” hit from Rudimental. I ride bikes again and even toured the UK traveling to skateparks to meet and ride with other bike riders. I’ve been blessed by so many wonderful experiences, so many new friendships and it’s all because I never gave up on my dreams.

The thing to remember is, you become a stronger and smarter person when you try. Even if you fail and don’t reach your goal, you learn from your mistakes and become stronger and smarter. Then you try again, and again, always improving yourself and helping those around you do the same. So, never give up on your dreams and never give up trying, if you do those two things you will find a way out of the darkness and into the light.”

Kurt Yaeger



Brandon02We are proud to have Brandon join Daytrippers’ list of celebrity Ambassadors in 2015. A talented musician and performer, Brandon is the founding member of his band The Mendenhall Experiment which signed its first record deal in 2008 in Southern California, USA. Here is Brandon’s statement:

“I always tell people anything you want in life is possible. You just have to figure out a plan, then figure out a way to execute that plan. Once you do that nothing can stop you.You only fail in life when you give up on something”


Brandon was born two months premature and with complications during birth, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. His Cerebral Palsy left the entire left side of this body damaged so he wasn’t able to walk until he was four years old. Throughout his life he endured ten corrective surgeries on his leg and ankle, but his left hand had nearly zero mobility and strength.

Despite people’s doubt, at a young age Brandon took to teaching himself to play the guitar as he fell in love with music. He continued against all odds and slowly his dedication and love for music helped to rehabilitate his left hand, bringing back mobility and strength. This passion in music forged him through his younger years and led him to create the success he has today.

You can read more about Brandon’s inspiring story on the WeAreDaytrippers Blog: Brandon’s Story