After Your Trip02

So you’ve been on your day trip and had a fantastic time – what’s next?

Following completion of your day trip, please provide information and evidence as requested below. Please also refer to the confirmation letter we sent outlining our pledge and requirements. Post trip documents can be emailed to or by post to Daytrippers, 36 Great Pulteney Street, London W1F 9NS. 

Reimbursement will only be issued when Daytrippers has received all of the post trip documents. This must be provided within eight weeks of the day trip, otherwise Daytrippers reserves the right to withdraw the agreed funding.



We require testimonials about the day trip to learn about the children and young people’s experiences. We may use testimonials to promote our work, its benefit and hopefully secure further funding for the programme. Testimonials MUST include PHOTOGRAPHS and a group photo is most desirable. In addition to photographs, other feedback can be provided by way of artwork or written testimonials by the children, young people and carers.

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Download and complete a Feedback Form. This will provide us valuable information about the trip and the impact to the children and young people.


If any of the children and young people could not attend on the day, or the numbers of children changed as previously agreed with Daytrippers, please send us an updated register. A register template can be found in the Appendix of the Feedback Form. We appreciate that often on the day there are a few drop outs due to various reasons out of your control, this is taken into consideration, however if you expect the numbers of children and young people to change significantly from your original application, you must inform us prior to the day trip as this may affect the pledged funding.


Evidence of the monies spent must be provided. This may be a copy of a receipt, bank statement or a confirmation statement of payment. We are unable to accept invoices which do not indicate the payment received as evidence. 

Photocopies of evidence are accepted.


In order to receive payment, please send us an invoice on your organisation’s headed paper indicating the agreed funding. This may be equal to or less than the agreed pledge documented on your confirmation letter.

Please find an example of an invoice below, include your BACS payment details and your Daytrippers reference.