Please find a step by step guide to completing the application form below. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7758 0030 or by email at


  • Download a day trip grant application form below.
  • It is advised that you read our Terms & Conditions before completing an application form. 
  • We prefer application forms to be completed electronically. Application forms completed by hand will be accepted, however please ensure your responses are clearly written in blue or black ink and in capital letters.
  • All sections of the form must be fully completed. Please write N/A if a question is not relevant.
  • Your application form will be assessed by Daytrippers staff and trustees. 
  • Daytrippers will only use the information provided in your application form for the purposes of assessing your grant request and monitoring your grant if awarded.


  • Please provide the name and contact details of the person completing the application form and whom will be responsible for providing the monitoring information should your application for be approved.
  • We are keen to understand the purpose of your organisation and the services it provides. You may include information leaflets or flyers about the organisation with your application form. 
  • If you are a registered charity, please provide your Charity Registration Number.


  • Please inform us of the proposed activity/destination and the date of your day trip. Tell us why you have chosen this day trip and the potential benefit to children and young people. 
  • You can include brochures and leaflets regarding the activity/destination to support your application form. 


  • Please state how many children and young people with disabilities and life-limiting conditions will be attending the day trip.
  • The group must consist of at least eight children and young people with disabilities and/or life-limiting conditions.
  • Tell us how many key carers, siblings and self-funding adults will also be attending.
  • If the children and young people are unknown at the time of completing the form, please provide an estimation.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If your application form is approved, you will need to re-submit section three of the form with the accurate information at least five working days before the day trip. Without this information in advance, your application form and potential pledged funding will be voided.
  • Inform us of how many children and young people with disabilities and life-limiting conditions you are applying for by age using the ranges provided.
  • We would like to know what disabilities and conditions are experienced within the group and how many children and young people are affected by them. Provide the full names of diagnosis’/conditions in the box provided if you use abbreviations or the symptoms in the case of a rare condition. This will help us assess your application form efficiently. 
  • Children and young people with disabilities and life-limiting conditions and their key carers are considered a priority and siblings are expected to be self-funded. However, if you would like us to consider siblings (up to 17 years), you must provide an explanation why. Additional funds may be made available where exceptional circumstances are applicable and budgets permit. Inform us of the ages of the siblings if you are requesting funds towards their costs. 


  • Clearly specify how much funding is required for each aspect of the day trip and provide a breakdown to support the costs. 
  • State the total cost of the trip and how much you would like Daytrippers to contribute. 
  • You must provide evidence of quotes to substantiate your budget. This could be an email with a quote from a coach company or a screenshot of group ticket prices from a website, etc. 
  • The evidence should be clear and accessible so it can be easily reviewed by Daytrippers staff and trustees during the assessment process. 
  • We expect you to have established the most reasonable prices and researched group discount rates.
  • Failure to provide a comprehensive budget and supporting evidence of quotes will delay the assessment process.


  • The welfare of children and young people is paramount. 
  • Please inform us whether the key carers have been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and whether you have a Safeguarding Policy (Child Protection Policy) in place. If your response to either question is ‘No’, please explain why. We understand that the ‘key carers’ on the day may be the children and young people’s parents/carers and may not require a DBS check.


  • Please let us know how you heard about Daytrippers. 


  • Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions. 
  • Should your application form be approved, you will be required to submit photos and testimonials from your day trip (part of the monitoring requirements). Daytrippers may wish to use the photos and testimonials on our website, social media and promotional resources. You must indicate whether you give Daytrippers consent to use your photos and testimonials for our publicity purposes (See Point 22 of the Terms & Conditions). 


  • Please sign the declaration if you are happy with the Terms & Conditions.
  • We will not consider application forms if they have not been signed. 


  • Please use the checklist to indicate that you have fully completed the application form.


  • Ensure you have proof read the application form and it is comprehensive before submission.
  • Poorly written application forms will be declined.
  • We will only consider fully completed application forms submitted ten working days or more prior to the proposed day trip.
  • Submit the application form and supporting documents by email only at
  • Your application form will be processed by a member of staff before sending it to the trustees to be assessed. You will be contacted if we require additional information.
  • Application forms are usually assessed within ten working days, however this may vary.
  • Delays will occur if an application form is not fully completed or without appropriate evidence of quotes.


  • We will inform you of the outcome by email.
  • If approved, you will receive a grant confirmation letter stating the amount we have pledged towards your day trip. You will need to confirm whether you accept our offer.