Step by Step guide to applying02

The day trip grant application form is available to download from the ‘Apply For A Grant’ page as a Word document and in a large text version.

We would prefer to receive completed application forms electronically. However, if you prefer to complete the application form by hand, please ensure that it is written clearly and in capital letters.

All sections must be fully completed. If a section/ question is not relevant, please write ‘N/A’ in the box.

Section One – Organisation Details

Please provide your contact details and information about the Organisation. We are keen to understand the purpose of your Organisation and the services it provides. Please include any leaflets or information about the Organisation.

If you are a registered charity, please provide your Charity Registration Number where requested.

Section Two – Details of Proposed Day Trip

Please inform us of the proposed destination, date of the day trip and provide a summary of why you have chosen this destination and how it will benefit the children and young people. Please provide information about the destination, such as brochures and website links.

Section Three – Children and Young People

Please inform us of how many children and young people with disabilities and terminal illnesses will be attending the day trip. A group must consist of a minimum of eight children and young people with disabilities and/or terminal illnesses. If the children and young people are unknown at the time of completing the form, please inform us of this and provide an estimation. If your application form is approved, we will require accurate information about the children and young people prior to the day trip.

Indicate how many ‘Key Carers’ will be present to support the children and young people.

We require information regarding the ages of the children and young people. Please identify the child or young person by stating the initials of their name and their diagnosis/ condition. Where abbreviations of diagnosis’/ conditions have been used, or in the case of a rare condition, please use the ‘Diagnosis Notes’ section to provide clarification.

Inform us of the ratio of disabled/ terminally ill children and young people to Key Carers. For example, the children may require one-to-one support, or maybe a child requires two carers.

Any additional adults are classified as ‘non-essential adults’. Non-essential adults and siblings (aged 0-17 years) of the children and young people with disabilities and/or terminal illnesses will be self-funding. Please indicate how many ‘non-essential adults’ and siblings will be attending the day trip.

Additional funding for siblings may be considered where exceptional circumstances are applicable. If you would like to request funding to cover their costs, please explain why.

Please note, all of the above requested information will not be passed onto any third parties, and is solely for Daytrippers records. We will ensure that all personal information supplied to Daytrippers is kept confidential and held securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Section Four – Funding Required

Clearly specify how much funding is required for each aspect of the day trip which you have listed on the application form.

EVIDENCE OF QUOTES: It is essential to prove your request for funding with evidence of quotes or correspondences. For example, an email with a quote from a coach company. We will not accept an application form which is without suitable evidence of the budget. We would prefer if you send copies of quotes, instead of website links so that the information required is easily accessible.

Use the ‘breakdown of costs’ section to provide a full explanation of all associated costs. If the breakdown of costs applied for is not clear, it will delay the application process.

Please ensure that you have researched group discount rates for your chosen destination before submitting your application form. We expect you to have established the most reasonable price.

Section Five – Transport & Additional Information

We often recommend checking with your local Council whether their fleet of transportation could be hired as they tend to have very competitive prices.

Please inform us if any of the children and young people have a life limiting illness. We will accelerate the application process if necessary.

Terms & Conditions:

Please ensure that you read through the Terms and Conditions thoroughly and sign at the bottom to demonstrate your agreement prior to submitting an application form to Daytrippers. Applications will not be considered if this section is unsigned.

You must indicate whether you give consent or not for Daytrippers to use your testimonials for publicity purposes. This statement is highlighted in blue and you must delete as applicable.


Please complete the checklist to ensure you have fully completed the application form.

Submitting the application form:

Ensure that you have proof read the application form and it is comprehensive before submission. Poorly written application forms will be declined. We will only consider fully completed application forms submitted two weeks or more prior to the proposed day trip.

You can submit the application form by email or post.


Post: Daytrippers, 36 Great Pulteney Street, London W1F 9NS

Once you have submitted your application form, it will be processed and a member of staff will be in contact if we require any additional information. Fully completed application forms are usually assessed by staff and our trustees within 10 working days, however this may vary. Delays will occur if an application form is not fully completed and/or without appropriate evidence of quotes. At some periods of the year, processing of application forms may take slightly longer due to event programme commitments.

Outcome of grant request:

If your application form is approved, you will receive a confirmation letter stating the amount pledged for your day trip. This will detail the information required after the day trip has taken place in order to process payment of our pledge.

If your application form is declined or withdrawn, you will be informed by Daytrippers staff.