1. Applications will only be considered for children and/or young people up to the age of 25 years and who have a disability (as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995), life limiting or terminal illness.


  1. Daytrippers is a non-denominational charity committed to the active pursuit of an equal opportunities policy in providing funding for day trips. In consideration of applications, Daytrippers aim to ensure that no child and/or young person receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, sexuality, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, class, appearance, marital or parental status.


  1. Day trip grant application forms will not be considered if the proposed destination is an event hosted or co-hosted by Daytrippers. The reason for this is to ensure our budgets are allocated proportionally and also to avoid double counting of


  1. Each organisation is allowed to submit a maximum of two day trip applications per year (budget permitting). The first day trip must be completed and paid before we accept the second application.


  1. Data Protection
    1. In order to process an application form, Daytrippers require information regarding the Organisation and the group of children and young people. This information includes, as appropriate, a contact name, address, telephone number, email address in relation to the Organisation. It also includes information relating to the age and diagnoses/ conditions of children and young people. Such information will only be collected and held by Daytrippers, and will not be passed onto any third parties.
    2. Daytrippers abides by the Data Protection Act 1998.


  1. Daytrippers will only consider grant requests for groups with a minimum of 8 children and young people with disabilities and/or terminal illnesses.


  1. Only children and young people with disabilities and/or terminal illnesses and their essential key carers will be funded. Any additional adults or siblings travelling with the group are expected to be self-funding however additional funding will be considered where exceptional circumstances are applicable.


  1. Daytrippers will only consider application forms submitted two weeks or more prior to the proposed date of the day trip.


  1. Under no circumstances will Daytrippers consider funding for staff salaries.


  1. All applications should be accompanied with evidence of reasonable quotations for your requested funding (which may include coach hire, train tickets, entrance fees, etc). If your day trip requires transport please contact your County Council first, as they often have transport fleets (Coaches and mini-buses) at the most competitive prices. In the case of food, drinks and souvenirs, an indication of the cost per head must be supplied.


  1. Daytrippers will only fund up to the agreed amount which is based on the specified expenses detailed on your application form.


  1. If any amendments are made to the proposed trip after Daytrippers have pledged funding, it is your Organisation’s responsibility to inform Daytrippers immediately as this may affect the funding. These can include changes to the numbers of children and young people attending, the proposed destination or date of day trip, etc.


  1. Daytrippers reserve the right to decrease or increase its pledged funding if amendments are made to the day trip. This will be based on whether children and young people attend the day trip or not. We will assess whether your Organisation took the necessary action to manage monies appropriately.


  1. Following the day trip, Daytrippers require the following information before reimbursement will be issued:
    1. An invoice on your Organisation’s headed paper detailing the total money spent on the day trip and the total amount (up to the funding pledged). Please include your BACS details for payment.
    2. Evidence of monies spent must be provided to support the invoice. Monies will not be reimbursed unless such proof is provided. Photocopies of receipts will be accepted.
    3. A list of children and young people who went on the day trip, if different from the original application. Please include the age breakdown and diagnosis/ condition of each child/ young person.
    4. A completed Daytrippers Feedback Form, which can be downloaded from our website.
    5. Personal accounts of the day trip (“testimonials”) from children and young people are to be provided to Daytrippers as proof of your trip. Testimonials MUST consist of PHOTOGRAPHS (with group photos most desirable) of the outing and statements from the children expressing how they felt about the trip. This will help raise awareness of Daytrippers’ cause and secure vital funding. The testimonials may be used for Daytrippers publicity purposes such as being published on the Daytrippers website, leaflets, brochures etc. No child’s name will be publicised without your prior written consent. Please confirm whether you consent to Daytrippers’ use of your testimonials by completing the sentence below.