Date: Saturday 10th June 2017
Time: 11am-3pm 
Venue: Tate Britain 

You are invited to follow Sticmann and Steve’s map of their experience of being in the gallery. As you enter their world, you’ll encounter artists whose specialist tools will help you to get to know Tate Britain.

This is a FREE inclusive event for children and young people. There will be lots of creative and engaging drop-in workshops and activities such as:

Parents, carers and friends are invited to join in too. There will be a social space for you to enjoy as well as a chill out space for you to use during the event. We will also have lots of people on hand to help you on the day including a BSL interpreter and even a superhero. Yes! The amazing  Touretteshero  will be present to discuss the power of creativity. 


  • Diggin’ the Gallery Flyer
  • Diggin’ the Gallery: Adventure Social Story for children
  • Diggin’ the Gallery: Adventure Social Story for children and adults
  • Answers to FAQs


Download and complete a booking form then return it to Daytrippers at 

If you have any queries, please contact us on 020 7758 0030.

Diggin’ the Gallery: Adventure has been developed by artist Ben Connors in collaboration with the Schools and Teachers team, Tate London, in partnership with Daytrippers.

Adventure is Part 3 of the Diggin’ the Gallery series, to find out about Part 1 – Survival, see HERE and Part 2 – Create can be found HERE.

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  • Nicola

    says on:
    May 17, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Im extremely intrested in becoming a part of day trippers. My son is asd/ adhd .. we are not having a very good year i feel it my son big time his only 7 and has been through so much please could i have some info on how to join

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