Date: Saturday 10th June 2017
Venue: Tate Britain

‘Adventure’ was the third and final installment of  the ‘Diggin’ the Gallery’ series developed by artist Ben Connors, Tate Schools and Teachers team and Daytrippers. These free and inclusive pan-disability events were devised with the aim of making the art gallery more accessible, with Tate Britain sending out a clear message that all were welcome to enjoy the space, regardless of age, ability, or background.

On the day young people were invited to enter Sticmann and Steve’s alternate world, collaborating with artists whose specialist tools helped them explore the gallery, mining for inspiration. The event featured an array of creative and engaging drop-in workshops and activities such as:


Parents, carers, friends and siblings were also encouraged to get stuck in with the fun. A social space and chill out space were laid on alongside the activities for those who wanted to take a breather during the event. ‘Diggin’ the Gallery’ was also supported by a BSL interpreter and even a superhero…Yes! The amazing  Touretteshero  was on hand to discuss the power of creativity and gave an inspirational speech.

“All the staff and facilitators were really helpful and friendly. My son LOVED the silent disco! He also really liked the dance session and the big art project.” – Parent

“[I enjoyed] listening to the radio and solving puzzles. 10/10. Epic” – Young person from Mouth That Roars 

The day culminated with a huge parade around the gallery, where all participants got the chance to announce that the space was theirs to use just as much as everyone else – ART IS FOR EVERYONE!

“My son was able to participate in activities in an environment which he would otherwise feel excluded from. He thoroughly enjoyed the brick session and as a parent, I finally relaxed knowing help was on hand.” – Parent

A huge thank you is due to all the contributors for their effort and enthusiasm and to Daytrippers’ wonderful volunteers Rebecca, Alice, Cristina, Maggi, Victoria, Michael, Jaspreeta and Jerene for ensuring all activities went smoothly on the day – THANK YOU!

“Tate deserve a real thanks for opening up the gallery to kids and families who might not always feel welcome in such spaces. The juxtaposition of a child dancing to a silent disco against a backdrop of 18th century painting was really fun!” – Parent

‘Adventure’ was the third and final installment of our ‘Diggin’ the Gallery’ series with Tate Britain. To find out about Part 1 – Survival, see HERE and Part 2 – Create can be found HERE.

And finally, we would also like to thank Global’s Make Some Noise for their contribution to this event.







Diggin’ the Gallery: Adventure, Tate Britain, commissioned by Tate London Schools and Teachers Team.

Photography: Aleksandra Wojcik (c) Tate, 2017

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