Date: Wednesday 20th September 2017
Venue: Colourscape on Clapham Common

Daytrippers Day at Colourscape had come around again! We were delighted to return for our seventh event in conjunction with the Eye Music Trust for another day exploring the sights and sounds in the amazing Colourscape structure with special schools and families. For those who have never been inside the multi-sensory walk-in structure, it really is an unforgettable experience. As you move from room to room the chambers become an immersive and dreamlike world of colour. Each spherical space blends into the next, creating stunning effects as the colours mix into one another, all illuminated by captivating external light.

“[The students] absolutely loved it and it was quite special seeing their reactions to both the huge inflatable and the music session. All the teaching staff were blown away with the student’s reactions and responses. It really was a truly sensory learning experience for all. Can’t wait for the next one!”
Teacher from Jack Tizard School

Experienced facilitators were on hand to lead workshops throughout the day, ensuring everyone got the most out of their Colourscape experience. We were picking up good vibrations in the structure’s main dome, which was filled with music and sound when students were given exotic instruments to experiment with and enjoy. The children and young people also had the opportunity to wander through the chambers and experience the intensity and subtlety of the various lights and colours. The interconnected inflatable pods were buzzing throughout the day as everyone became immersed in the sensory adventure. 

Oak Lodge School (Wandsworth) used the experience as inspiration for a media project. We can’t wait to see the films they made of each other exploring the otherworldly terrain – we spotted more than one star in the making!


Daytrippers would like to say a huge thank you to all the Colourscape facilitators and to our excellent volunteers Rebecca and Jerene, all of whom helped make the event another success.

We would also like to thank Global’s Make Some Noise for their contribution towards this event.






Photographs by James Matejka

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