Daytrippers is proud to support inclusive events and days out for disabled children and young people.

We receive brilliant feedback which we value and act upon. Find out what the children, young people, parents and carers think…

It’s a very inclusive event where everyone is made to feel welcome. It’s the perfect way to start the countdown to Christmas.

Teacher / Pantomime event at the Lyric Hammersmith / 2017

The event was very well organised. The children had a fantastic time and are still talking about the show. It was lovely to meet the actors after.

Teacher / Pantomime event at the Lyric Hammersmith / 2017

For many [their day trip to the beach] really is a highlight of their summer and their year.

Support worker / Day trip with Balsall Heath CATS / 2017

It gave my son the opportunity to try something that we never would have dreamed of taking him to. He really enjoyed the time he spent on the skis and we now plan to take him back another time.

Parent / Chel-Ski event / 2017

That was the best day of my life – I will come back and train to be a champion!

Young person / Chel-Ski event / 2017

The children loved the activity and want to come back here every day. The Chel-Ski staff were exceptional. They were really encouraging and related so well to the children.

Parent / Chel-Ski event / 2017

The children were very engaged and inspired by the performance.

Teacher / Day trip with Woolgrove School / 2017

Some of the children had never visited the beach before so this was a new experience for them. They also had the opportunity to meet new children and make friends.

Support worker / Day trip with 1 Voice Community / 2017

The children became confident to mix and interact with increased independence from their adult.

Parent / Creative Dance Workshop event / 2017

We were having too much fun!

Young person / Creative Dance Workshop event / 2017

It was a delight to see how happy the children were at the theme park, enjoying the rides, the Lego model village and the Lego train.

Support worker / Day trip with HOPE for Epilepsy London / 2017

We were able to provide a much hoped-for experience – feeding an elephant!

Support worker / Day trip with SHINE (East Norfolk) / 2017

I have made Colourscape a part of our Autumn curriculum for our year 8 pupils. It is a wonderful experience that springboards investigation into colour, vibration and music.

Teacher / Colourscape event / 2017

The teaching staff were blown away with some of the student’s reactions and responses. It really was a truly sensory learning experience for all.

Teacher / Colourscape event / 2017

Thank you to Keeley who organised everything so well and looked after us on our visit. Can we come again next year please?

Parent / Colourscape event / 2017

The children and young people loved steering the boat and chilling out on the deck. They had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the day out.

Support worker / Day trip with Marches Family Network / 2017

Our trip to Brighton was so lovely. It was good to see so many happy people.

Parent / Day trip with Richard House Children’s Hospice / 2017

My son was able to participate in activities in an environment which he would otherwise feel excluded from. He thoroughly enjoyed the brick session and as a parent, I finally relaxed knowing help was on hand.

Parent / Diggin’ the Gallery Tate Britain event / 2017

The children were full of joy and excitement for the entire day. They had the opportunity to attend a theme park, which some of the children had never previously attended.

Teacher / Day trip with Marjory Kinnon School / 2017

We don’t get to go to the beach often. Thank you for taking us on this amazing trip.

Young person / Day trip with Women of Wandsworth / 2017

Thank you again for such a well thought out and well planned event – we’ll be looking out for the next one!

Parent / Diggin’ the Gallery Tate Britain event / 2017

Most of these children would never have had the opportunity to visit a farm or see animals close up. The grant enabled us to make the trip.

Support worker / Day trip with the Log Cabin / 2017

I learned that art galleries are for everyone & that anything can be art! I was really proud to have been involved in Diggin’ the Gallery!

Young person / Diggin’ the Gallery Tate Britain event / 2017

Without the funding we would not have been able to take the children on such a thrilling trip! A trip like this keeps the children going for a long time!

Support worker / Day trip with Special Spirits / 2017

The day was so epic – I really want to go again.

Young person / Day trip with Up on Downs/ 2017

The hospice came alive and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance and meeting the cast. The day was fantastic and the planning by yourself and the setting up was very smooth and everyone was so helpful and friendly. Thank you so much.

Richards House Children’s Hospice staff member / ‘Tarzanne’ by Interplay event / 2017

Once we got [to Paradise Wildlife Park] H was jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to see all the animals, especially the cats! It was wonderful to see H so engaged throughout the day.

Young person / Day trip with Up on Downs/ 2017

It was lovely to see so many children enjoying the Tate.

Parent / Diggin’ the Gallery Tate Britain event / 2017

I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in this amazing experience. Our students loved it and gained a great deal.

Teacher from JFK School / ‘Tarzanne’ by Interplay event / 2017

These days are genuinely valuable. We’ve come a long way with meeting people and gaining confidence in whatever future holds for us. It allows us to be ourselves in a group with all the special fun our child brings us.

Parent / Day trip with Up on Downs / 2017

Everyone had an amazing day and made lots of memories.

Staff member / Day trip with Follow Your Dreams tech Club / 2017

A fantastic hands on sensory experience.

Parent / Special Children’s Day at Whipsnade Zoo / 2017

It was really lovely to see my son try new things and push the boundaries of his abilities.

Parent / Hindleap Warren event / 2017

We won a magnificent prize feeding Maggie the giraffe! Thank you for such a brilliant gift [that] I will never forget. I can’t stop smiling.

Parent / Special Children’s Day at London Zoo event / 2017

Dear Daytrippers, Thank you for our lovely day at Beamish Museum. We really enjoyed our lesson at the Victorian School. We went down a coal mine, and rode on a tram and a bus, and I loved all of it.

Child / Day trip with Collingwood School / 2017

The children were all mesmerized by the tunnel where all the sea life swims around you. It was lovely to do something different and to give the children a proper treat.

Parent / Day trip with Let Us Play / 2017

The setting (the zoo) was amazing – and the sensory tour allowed the children to engage with animals in an extra special way.

Parent / Special Children’s Day at London Zoo event / 2017

Thank you so much for the possibility of SK attending Hindleap Warren – she was… so delighted to be able to participate. It makes me incredibly happy and hopeful as, as long there are people and organisations like Daytrippers, SK will be able to participate fully in life, despite her condition.

Parent / Hindleap Warren event / 2017

Many of the children would not have been able to attend without the free places [provided by Daytrippers]; it enabled families to enjoy a much needed day out together.

Support worker / Day trip with Hershel Weiss Children and Family Centre / 2017

The experience was absolutely fantastic. The staff were brilliant! So very well organised and the staff were so kind and paid so much attention to all the children.

Parent / Special Children’s Day at London Zoo event / 2017

I jumped the queue four times with my pass and I am actually tired for the first time in ages.

Child / Day trip with Hershel Weiss Children and Family Centre / 2017

The young people were challenged and brought out of their comfort zone. They all achieved a level of success and overcame their fear of heights. The social interaction between the teams were excellent and they all encouraged each other to participate and complete the tasks at hand.

Parent / Hindleap Warren event / 2017

We could never dream of affording a day like this – thank you! Just seeing all my family stress free and happy makes such a difference.

Parent / Day trip with Hershel Weiss Children and Family Centre / 2017

Quite simply, without the Daytrippers grant this trip could not have taken place. Many parents cannot afford to pay donations for trips and the school was unable to cover the costs of the whole trip. Thank you.

Support worker / Day trip with Lindon Bennett School / 2017

All of the students really enjoyed the performance – they loved the music, costumes and snow! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Teacher / Aladdin Pantomime event / 2016

L had a great time and loved every minute.

Parent / Aladdin Pantomime event / 2016

What Daytrippers does as an organisation is amazing.   

Lifeworks-UK representative / Day trip with Lifeworks – UK / 2016

I love new experiences and this was a totally new experience!

Young Person / Day trip with Lifeworks – UK / 2016

Thanks for a great bowling party, the young people LOVED it!

Brent Play Association / Halloween Bowling Party event / 2016

The children and staff all had a wonderful time. Your event hosts were lovely and very helpful, and we would certainly get involved again.

Parent / Halloween Bowling Party event / 2016

[The] children all varied widely in ability and some barely knew each another. Yet this is the kind of trip that brings children together and allows them to share, challenge one another safely, and socialise.

Parent / Day Trip with The Log Cabin / 2016

The children loved responding to the colour and light with head movements, vocalization and tracking.

Trinity School / Symphony of Senses event / 2016

I was particularly pleased with the readiness of students (and staff!) to engage with dance activities.

Teacher / Symphony of Senses event / 2016

The mixture of music and sound was a great experience for a lot of students, who talked about it for days and wanted to go back and have another go.

Lampard School / Symphony of Senses event / 2016

Some pupils who usually shy away from musical input seemed to really engage with this workshop which was fantastic to observe.

Abbots Lea School / Symphony of Senses event / 2016

All the children really enjoyed this sensory experience.

Parent / Colourscape event / 2016

My daughter had a fantastic time, she enjoyed the musical workshop a lot and had fun with the other families. Thanks so much for making this day so special for us.

Parent / Colourscape event / 2016

I would have never brought my family here on my own. I was so nervous but I have had such a fabulous day. I cannot thank you enough.

Parent / Day Trip with Afasic Cymru / 2016

I could not have imagined how much fun and laughter we [would] all have today. My children now have the memories forever.

Parent / Day Trip with Afasic Cymru / 2016

All members enjoyed this trip as there was something for everyone. Our host was very well informed and took care of our needs.

Parent / Day trip with Nationwide Care Solutions / 2016

The children and young people [were] able to take part in an activity which is usually a preserve of the more able.

Parent / Day trip with SPLASH / 2016

Seeing my daughters out of their wheelchairs and up in the air. They have never done anything like this before.

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2016

Dear Daytrippers, I had an excellent day and really enjoyed all the activities. Thank you so much. A.

Young Person / Tate Diggin' the Gallery Event / 2016

Thank you so much for the opportunity of going on the Touch Tour. It was really great. It was really good being able to have an almost 1:1 experience with the keepers, being able to ask questions etc. The touch tour part was great, ‘T’ was able to touch and feel all sorts of textures, and also to be in a relaxed environment with other special needs children meant I didn’t have to explain, or feel under pressure to tell anyone why ‘T’ couldn’t sit still, or concentrate etc.

Parent / London Zoo Special Children's Day Event / 2016

Thank you so much for letting us fly on the plane.

Young Person / Flight Experience / 2016

The highlight was seeing our autistic son being able to participate and do things at his own speed and ability. Fantastic experience for him.

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2016

It allowed children to enjoy a fun evening in a secure environment with their friends and family. This was the first time that some of the children had done bowling and they loved it.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Epsom & Ewell PHAB / 2016

Dear Daytrippers, I loved flying in the sky. I want to do it again. It was my best trip. Thank you it was so special. I want to be a pilot.

Young Person / Flight Experience / 2016

All the children benefitted greatly from the trip. They all got to experience meeting and feeling different animals which was engaging for them regardless of their abilities.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Kangaroos / 2016

Dear Daytrippers, I liked seeing the pictures, they were lovely. The whole day made me feel happy.
Thank you. From R.

Young Person / Tate Diggin' the Gallery Event / 2016

This trip was essential to everyone as it is the holidays, many parent/carer become apprehensive when taking a child with disabilities out. Many carers were glad to have spent time with their families and to meet other families who are in the same ship.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Carers Forward / 2016

Thank you for giving us this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience for our group members to come together and take part in this challenge. We would love the opportunity to come back some time in the future.

Group Leader / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2016

Thank you again for all your support this year! We have you to thank for giving our students unforgettable experiences!

Teacher / Flight Experience / 2016

‘M’ loved the touch tour, thank you so much for including us. He particularly liked touching the giant snail and cockroach, although probably not as much fun for the latter as ‘M’ dropped him! He also loved making the enrichment toy for the Lemurs and then taking them into the enclosure with all the lemurs gathering round. It was the highlight of our day.

Parent / London Zoo Special Children's Day Event / 2016

The children had a chance to do something that they had never done before – high ropes. It increased their confidence and working as a team with their fellow students.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Collingwood College / 2016

Thank you once again for an amazing day out for everyone at Tate Britain. So inspiring and fun, we were well looked after as usual and very grateful to you for inviting us.

Parent / Tate Diggin' the Gallery Event / 2016

We all really enjoyed Challenge for Change. I thought ‘E’ was very brave being blind-folded and guided through the tyre pit on the mats. ‘E’ enjoyed all the activities but the best bit for all us was the aeriel climb. I dislike heights so ‘E’ found it very funny watching me up there out of my comfort zone. It was worth the long drive to Manchester.

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2016

I had a fantastic time on Saturday, the activities were great fun and well thought out and organised! Opportunities for deaf children to meet other deaf children are very rare so we were so happy for A to meet her friends and other deaf children in a different setting, and learn all about forming characters and storytelling at the same time.  Louise was superb, I thought her presentation was just right for the kids, very interesting and it certainly got them all very engaged!

Parent / Louise Yates Event / 2015

Thank You so much to Daytrippers for funding our children’s trip to the pantomime on Tuesday. Everybody had a fantastic time and it was interesting that children who found it difficult last year, because they had no experience of a pantomime, were this year able to cope and enjoy the event

Teacher / Christmas Pantomime Event / 2014

R is not able to tell me if he enjoyed the trip, but I knew he did by his happy mood the rest of the evening at home. Trips like these make a huge difference to my son’s life as he does not get many opportunities to go on trips. As a lone parent getting respite during school holidays is very difficult but with R out most of the day I was able to do things which I would have otherwise put off. Your service is very important to families like me who have disabled children. Keep up the good work, thank you to Daytrippers for supporting disabled children to lead normal lives.

Parent / Day Trip with Balsall Heath CATS / 2014

It’s great. You feel free and you don’t get judged by disability. The environment is for them.

Group Leader / Bowling Event / 2014

Today’s trip to go bowling, made my brother who is autistic, laugh and smile alot! We are always afraid to take him to these places alone as other families will look at him weird but today’s opportunity was great because we wasn’t worried about anything like that. Thank you very much!

Sibling / Bowling Event / 2014

I have never been to the Theatre in London before. It was the most fantastic show and it was a wonderful experience.

Pupil / Day Trip with Petroc College / 2014

I can’t get over D’s expression when he became aware of the giraffe leaning all the way down to reach for the carrots; K and F were equally mesmerized – as were we to be honest!

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2014

It was a wonderful day. I thank Daytrippers for making it happen. There is something very special about seeing the students creativity on the big screen. The face painting and photo booth was a great idea.

Teacher / Film Premiere Event / 2014

Thank you for allowing my son C to attend The Challenge 4 Change event in Manchester – What an amazing place! C is timid and naturally inactive, so he certainly was challenged at this venue. It required tremendous effort for C to have a go and try the obstacles but with all the support and encouragement from everyone there, he certainly overcame some fears and learnt to trust. I thought the staff at the centre were superb. They made the activities fun and manageable, and really supported the children there and made them feel that they didn’t have a disability, and that nothing was insurmountable. I can’t thank you enough.

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2014

My son who happens to have Down’s syndrome, had a fab time and enjoyed the team spirit of participation by all. He was fearless trying everything!

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2014

What an amazing day…. excellent facilities and staff!!! All the children and some adults were gently pushed passed their comfort zones and finished with a massive sense of achievement…. lots of encouragement and a brilliant atmosphere…..we will be returning…. B had a wonderful time!!! Thank you all so much.

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2014

Everybody made us welcome and the staff could not have been more encouraging, getting us all to work as a team, helping each other, ensuring everybody was involved. E loved it! It was a truly exhilarating experience. E had the best time ever and proudly took his certificate and trophy into school for Show and Tell.

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2014

I did not go myself but I always treasure the invaluable experiences that are available through the CATs organisation for my children. Always striving to expand the horizons of those who are at a disadvantage, offering inclusive opportunities that enhance their daily living. I am utterly grateful to charities like Daytrippers who make this happen for us without them my child would have never experienced the theatre.

Parent / Day Trip with Balsall Heath Cats / 2014

I’m having the best day of my life!

Child / Day Trip with Afasic Cymru / 2013

Very beneficial as a season experience and a social experience. Children had a fantastic opportunity for learning and enjoyment and their parents were able to share information.

Support Group Worker / Day Trip with Up on Downs / 2013

…the day out enabled us to give 55 children with moderate to severe physical learning disabilities memories of a day of fun and laughter they can treasure in their darkest times.

Development Manager / Day Trip with Step by Step / 2013

It was heart-warming to see some children who usually have difficulty expressing themselves now fondly murmuring to the animals they stroked.

Development Manager / Day Trip with Step by Step / 2013

Children with a life-threatening or terminal illness have spent so much time in hospital or medical isolation, so to be able to spend a day out in a safe and enjoyable environment is just amazing.  We cannot thank Daytrippers enough.

Hospice Employee / Day Trip with Rainbow Trust / 2013

This was a perfect opportunity for integration of our children with disabilities in every day life and social events. Especially for children who did not have an opportunity to leave London during summer school break.

Founder of WOW / Polka Theatre Event / 2013

A massive thank you to you all for the events that have been organised by yourselves for families like mine. It has made a really big difference to be able to all go out together and there be something that my daughter who is severely learning disabled can enjoy with us.

Parent / Polka Theatre Event / 2013

It was a fabulous show and both children and adults enjoyed it. It was a wonderful opportunity to take the children out and not worry about them getting up during the performance.

Parent / Polka Theatre Event / 2013

Thank you Daytrippers for helping us to achieve our goal of giving our very special group of youngsters experiences that will last a lifetime.

Support Group Carer / Day Trip with Orchard Saturday Club / 2013

Our group don’t have much verbal communication but they show us so much through their responses and reactions.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Orchard Saturday Club / 2013

The children tried new experiences and were relaxed and excited.

Group Supervisor / Day Trip with OASIS / 2013

A, who has autism and has a great deal of difficulty relating to others, didn’t upset anybody on the day. This is very unusual, but it shows that taking part in an exciting group activity can help children with severe problems to overcome their social isolation.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Hallmoor School / 2013

Just wanted to say a big thank you from all of us at Lark Hall centre for Autism, everyone had a great time at Colourscape yesterday. We really appreciate you offering this experience again, the children get so much out of it.  Please pass on out thanks to the other staff members who helped on the day.

Teacher / Colourscape Event / 2013

Thanks so much for the brilliant time my daughter had at Chessington, she loved every minute of it. It’s been a great highlight of the summer holidays for her and a real boost to her confidence.

Parent / Day Trip with Centre404 / 2013

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Drayton Manor experience, having time away from us also helps build her confidence and independence.

Parent / Day Trip with Alstrome Syndrome UK / 2013

My daughter is usually so scared of any type of costume or people dressed up but she really liked the bear-Dale! She even shook his hand and spoke to him and had a photo taken with him. This has never happened before, she would have been just too upset even to look at him. She was trying to be so brave, I think, that and the fact that she was made to feel at ease by all the  helpers and seeing all the other kids interacting with him. It was definitely a breakthrough for her and us, again thank you. It was lovely to meet you.

Parent / Daytrippers 10th Birthday Party Event / 2013

It was a great experience to build up their independence. All pupils enjoyed.

Teacher / Day Trip with Ysgol Hendre Special School / 2012

…I have never seen O smile and clap so much as he did at the Circus. The time flew by so quickly!

Parent / Day Trip with Young at Heart / 2012

All he talked about when he got home was the birds and he tried to make the same noises!

Parent / Day Trip with PARC Essex / 2012

The trip was very beneficial for all the children that attended the trip as the weather was lovely and the children were able to have a lovely sensory experience by smelling and touching the animals.

Keyworker / Day Trip with PARC Essex / 2012

It was great fun and a fantastic opportunity for our pupils, many of whom have never experienced a real live theatre performance before. We are very fortunate to have benefited from Daytrippers and please would you convey our thanks and gratitude for such a generous concession to your staff at Daytrippers.

Teacher / Christmas Pantomime Event / 2012

We look for ways to allow families to meet so they can support each other; as many are isolated. The families thought the day was brilliant. It was lovely to see them all relaxing and chatting.

Group Supervisor / Day Trip with Neimann Pick Disease Group / 2012

The families were able to have family time, visit somewhere different, chance to meet and mix with other families in similar situations. Without this trip the families would not have had any of these experiences.

Keyworker / Day Trip with KIDS Wakefield / 2012

One point that I particularly enjoyed was during the lunch break when I was having a kick about with my child when a boy from another team asked if he could join in. Soon there were approximately 30 children from different teams all playing together (allowing me to gracefully beat a retreat). It showed the power of sport to unify.

Parent / Football Tournament Event / 2012

Thanks to you and your team that has made this possible please please please invite us again as the boys are already asking about when the next one is.

Coach / Football Tournament Event / 2012

We haven’t been to a beach in 12 years. It’s the first time my youngest has ever seen the sea.

Parent / Day Trip with Contact A Family / 2012

A little boy who is easily overwhelmed was able to lie in the red dome, really relax & chill; seemed to be in sheer bliss. It was a rare time for him.

Ocupational Therapist / Colourscape Event / 2012

One mum brought her boy who is scared of everything and we worked together to get him inside and he eventually experienced it with the other children providing a normal moment for her.

Ocupational Therapist / Colourscape Event / 2012

One boy really didn’t want to go and ended up as ‘Best Camper’ – parents were delighted.

Teacher / Day Trip with Clare Mount Specialist Sports College / 2012

The pupils benefit from this trip because it broadens horizons. Many pupils have never been beyond Wirral boundaries.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Clare Mount Specialist Sports College / 2012

The children I work with who attended the trip really got a lot out of it and really enjoyed themselves. I think it was nice for them to spend that time with their parents doing something exciting – and quite scary!

Resource Worker / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2012

It was great to get out as a family to do something that I didn’t think was possible.

Parent / Challenge 4 Change Event / 2012

A was a bit anxious to start with and the music was a bit loud for him so he kept away for a bit. However soon he started getting comfortable with the setting and had the best time. He couldn’t stop bowling and he absolutely loved it.

Parent / Bowling Event / 2012

It’s so lovely to be part of a group where all special needs children and families can feel so comfortable and relaxed together.

Parent / Bowling Event / 2012

B just wanted to see and photograph everything! She couldn’t believe she was really there.

Keyworker / Day Trip with Bedford & District CP Society / 2012

I had a good time. I walked all the way around and I am proud I did that. I was a good boy!

Child / Day Trip with Bedford & District CP Society / 2012

Children went that wouldn’t have been able to go with their families. Going with their friends was very beneficial and they achieved more because of it.

Keyworker / Day Trip with Bedford & District CP Society / 2012

He was fully engaged in the theatre, constantly moving his head around to see the differing lights on the ceiling. He can understand what is being said by people and listens carefully to others. Based on this day, I will say that he does not fear or dislike loud sounds.

Parent / Day Trip with Balsall Heath Cats / 2012

It was lovely to see my girls with permanent smiles on their faces and belly laughing at the jokes.  I think my daughter summed it up when she said ‘that was great Mum, the best show ever!

Parent / Day Trip with Balsall Heath Cats / 2012

Being a parent of two children with special needs, things can get very expensive and it is important for the funders to know how supported we feel to be able to experience these activities that others without disabled children might take for granted.

Parent / Day Trip with Balsall Heath Cats / 2012

I just wanted to write on behalf of all the children and staff who went to see the show yesterday, to say what a really, really fantastic day we all had!! The show was brilliant and engaged/entertained throughout. Thank you again for making this possible for us here at Woodfield, we really do appreciate it.

Keyworker / Christmas Pantomime Event / 2011

Thank you very much for yesterday at London Zoo my children had a great day and were treated really special by all the staff.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2011

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again – the London Zoo day was absolutely amazing and all of our families thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2011

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for laying on such an amazing event. J had a great day and really enjoyed it and it was a very nice change for us parents to be watching football in the warm instead of shivering on the side of the pitch!  Everyone I spoke to thought it was an amazing event and enjoyed the whole day.

Parent / Football Tournament Event / 2011

Parents and carers giving our children a wonderful day and we were not made to feel not the ‘normal’. It was a fabulous day!

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2010

W took lots of photos of the animals, particularly the monkeys and lemurs. I have never seen him so excited by the colourful birds and the fish. He even recognized the reptile house as featured in one of the Harry Potter films.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2010

It was also great to be among so many families with special children, nice to not be ‘different’ for a change.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2010

It was so lovely to go to the zoo and to be with other families like us with other children like my son.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2010

It was a very nice day at London Zoo. It was like being on “our world”… everyone understanding what was going on when your child was “flapping” around, making noises or whatever the “normal” society think it is odd…

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2010

Thank you to everyone at Daytrippers for organising this event as we would have found this outing financially impossible without you.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2010

There aren’t many places where you can go that are big open safe spaces to walk around in, with wonderful animals, other families unphased by your child’s bizarre behaviour and staff who just take it in their stride – brilliant!

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2010

I have nothing but praise for you and your army of helpers who made it such a great day. If there was more people like yourself in the disability football world I am sure that disability football would get a lot more recognition than what it presently gets.

Coach / Football Tournament Event / 2010

We really appreciate these events and they do wonders for the kids development not just on football terms but also socially.

Coach / Football Tournament Event / 2010

At first my tummy was bad and then I was brave and I loved it. I saw the football pitch. I had a smooth landing.

Child / Flight Experience / 2010

I enjoyed flying and having a meal. P.S. Next time I want to land on the roof.

Child / Flight Experience / 2010

Thank you … I was very happy when my photo was taken because I had flown for my first time in a little plane.

Child / Flight Experience / 2010

The young people were fully engaged by the musicians throughout the hour set. The team of workers were also relaxed by the journey that the musicians took us on – what fun! Many thanks for the opportunity.

Coordinator / Create Concert Event / 2010

After discussing the experience with pupils and staff, it was felt that the music workshops were excellent and our pupils really engaged in them.

Teacher / Colourscape Event / 2010

We really enjoyed the day. It was an eye opener for my son to see so many children with different disabilities all under the same roof.

Parent / Bowling Event / 2010

I am just emailing to give a feedback on the bowling party and would like to thank you so much for making us a have a such a lovely day. I mean B never used to enjoy bowling before but since that day he keeps saying he wants to go back.

Parent / Bowling Event / 2010

It was a great start to half term, especially as we have no spare money for outings.  It made a day out possible for us and R is still talking about it.

Parent / Bowling Event / 2010

It was absolutely amazing!  The pupils were overwhelmed and I have never seen them so excited!  Everyone was so helpful – very accommodating which made the experience even better.

Teacher / Mousetrap Theatre Event / 2009

Many thanks for the work that Daytrippers put into the London Zoo day.  The children had a fantastic time and it was nice to be part of a community that is supportive and understanding when your children behave oddly!

Carer / London Zoo Event / 2009

Thank you so much for yesterday at London Zoo. D had “the best time of my life” he said, and so did his Dad.   It was a wonderful day out.  Thank you so much.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2009

He really came out of his shell and I saw him do things I thought he was not capable of (bit teary eyed now) so a heartfelt thanks to you and the team at Daytrippers.

Parent / London Zoo Event / 2009

The kids coped so well with the day, with not one ‘meltdown’!! The parents enjoyed getting together and sharing experiences and this is something I now want to do more of. So lots of trips out with pupils and parents!!  The event was so well organized and everyone enjoyed it. M (or should I say George Clooney) was so happy to win Best Dressed Boy. It has given him and his family such a boost.

Teacher / Film Premiere Event / 2009

We were really excited and we had a great time. We couldn’t stop laughing it was really funny, it was better than going to the cinema or watching TV at home. Can we please go again?

Siblings / Day Trip with Balsall Heath Cats / 2012

I haven’t been here before… it’s beautiful; I laughed too much I’m going to tell my Mum when I get home.

Child / Day Trip with Balsall Heath Cats / 2012

The children and families found the day very useful with everyone having a wonderful interactive day.  Having a coach meant that lots of children could join us whom would not normally be able to attend.

Group Leader / Day Trip with Afasic Cymru / 2012