Daytrippers turns Fifteen!

Happy birthday to us…Happy birthday to us…Happy birthday dear Daytrippers…Happy birthday to us…That’s right, in 2018 we turned fifteen!

Pushing boundaries, championing creativity and promoting inclusion has been the goal throughout. During an action-packed decade and a half we funded 600 exciting day trips through our grants programme and staged 117 bespoke inclusive events. We’re so happy that our work has now provided over 40,000 individual experiences for young people with disabilities and their families.

First coming on board in 2006 and appointed a Trustee in 2010, Leila Talmadge has had a huge hand in developing the charity and has watched it go from strength to strength. She shared some of her highlights from fifteen years of inclusive fun with Daytrippers…

“Every event has been a learning experience, teaching me to observe environments and the world in a truly different way. I take so much pleasure having watched the charity grow over all these years, taking on new challenges and learning from the young people we work with. We have come across so many inspiring individuals and with their help, collectively we keep pushing the boundaries of inclusion, hopefully leaving a mark of change as we go.”

We reach the fifteen-year milestone at a time when exciting things are happening in the Daytrippers camp. Read all about our relaunch as the Daytrippers Foundation here.

Some of Leila’s

“It was fantastic seeing young people return to our popular Football Tournaments (2006-2014) and watching them improve in confidence and football skills with each year. The young players even had the chance to meet England footballing legend John Barnes along with Dave Clarke (Paralypian, Captain of the England and GB Blind Team), & Richard Fox (Paralympian, England & GB Cerebral Palsy player), which proved a real inspiration for them to keep playing.”

“For those who have never been inside the Colourscape multi-sensory walk-in structure, it really is an unforgettable experience. Walking a young person who was blind around the structure for the first time was another highlight and their descriptions of the different coloured pods were fascinating – “this one is red and it’s prickly on my skin.”

“One young person has a slightly apprehensive start to the day after seeing the daunting climbing apparatus at Challenge 4 Change in Manchester. Undeterred, they summoned their courage and went on to participate in all the day’s events, then left saying “I never imagined I would ever be able to do that, now I feel like I can do anything!” The staff’s encouraging, attentive, and inclusive approach to delivering the activities has always been a huge hit with the young people, bringing out the intrepid climbers in all of them.”

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